Relocated from NY to DFW

My husband had a job transfer from northern New York to the DFW area. I had never moved long distance before, and I had a lot of anxiety about the process. In preparation, we were searching for homes online. We connected with Stacey and she turned out to be the best that we could have asked for. To say that she was helpful would be an understatement. She asked what we were looking for in a home, and set up a personal link for us with suggestions for houses based on what we were looking for, and included school listings for the area. We made 2 trips down looking at homes, and on the second trip we found the house of our dreams. She helped us with the entire process including negotiating a fantastic deal for us, helping us find someone to assist with obtaining financing and insurance, and even offered to be at the house for us so that the power and water could be turned on. She went above and beyond and had our new home cleaned for us while we were driving down from NY because she wanted it to be move in ready. She made the entire process smooth and seamless for us and relieved a major portion of my anxiety. Stacey is an outstanding realtor, and I have recommended her to friends of mine.